Vehicle Safety Flag

Safety flag poles play a critical role in improving vehicle safety in environments with limited visibility, such as work sites or areas obstructed by natural terrain. Engineered with precision, these flag poles significantly enhance the visibility of vehicles, particularly in close proximity to large machinery or in rugged landscapes.

In industries like oil and gas fields, mining sites, and large construction areas, safety flag poles are mandatory for vehicles to ensure drivers have optimal visibility of approaching vehicles, thus minimizing accident risks, especially in challenging terrains like sand dunes. These flag poles are also utilized on mobile equipment and other assets within these sites to enhance visibility and reduce the risk of collisions.

While it’s recommended for vehicles to maintain speeds under 60 km/h when equipped with a safety flag pole, our design ensures durability even at speeds up to 120 km/h, providing reliability and safety across various operating conditions.

  • The Stallion 3M Safety Flag Pole is made of durable fiberglass with stainless steel connection fittings and removable stoppers for easy flag replacement. Designed for heavy use and adverse weather, it ensures long-lasting reliability. A variety of brackets for different vehicles and equipment types are available, including customized options. Installation is straightforward, providing convenience without compromising safety.