Emergency & VMS Kit

Stallion Emergency Lights and Traffic Advisor Kits for vehicles are crafted with exceptional durability to endure various environmental conditions, meeting rigorous international standards and best practices. These top-tier products cater to the needs of diverse professionals, including First Responders, Company Patrol Vehicles, Tow-Trucks, and Utility Vehicles. Our mission is centered on safeguarding the well-being of first responders, public safety professionals, and the wider community. We prioritize reliability and affordability, ensuring that our Warning Lights and Equipment are not only dependable but also accessible. With a commitment to delivering and installing these solutions with the utmost care and expertise, we aim to provide unparalleled service to our customers.

  • Emergency LED Lightbar
    Front LED Visor Lights
    Emergency LED Front / Side / Rear Flashers
    Hide-Away LED Lights (4pcs/Kit)
    Hide-Away LED Light (Single with Surface Mount)
    Rear Window Emergency LED Lightbar (Interior)
    Rear Directional Emergency LED
    LED Directional Arrow Lights
    Emergency Siren Amplifier 150W
    Emergency Speaker 150W
    24W LED Spot Light
    288W LED Curve Spot Lightbar
    Vehicle Top Mount VMS
    Vehicle Roof Rack
    Emergency Traffic Kit