Cargo Protection

Stallion Cargo Protection Solutions for commercial vehicle fleets have garnered widespread acclaim and trust from leading cargo and courier companies. Our expertise lies in the transformation of mini MPV or standard van fleets into cargo/courier vans, aligning seamlessly with local area standards and regulations.

In recent years, cargo and courier companies have expanded their fleets with mini MPVs or vans for their agility and adaptability in urban delivery operations, deviating from traditional bulky trucks. However, these smaller vehicles present unique challenges in terms of safety and cargo protection. In the event of sudden braking or accidents, there is a risk of goods shifting dangerously within the vehicle or even spilling onto the road.

With Stallion’s VAN GUARD Solution, however, you can navigate the streets with confidence and peace of mind, knowing that your cargo and drivers are adequately protected. Our VAN GUARD Solution offers comprehensive safety features and cargo containment systems specifically designed to mitigate risks and ensure secure transportation. From reinforced partitions to strategically placed tie-downs, every aspect is meticulously engineered to safeguard both the cargo and the vehicle occupants.

  • Standard Set Parts:
    Side Window Middle Guard
    Rear Bulkhead Guard
    Rear Cargo Bed
    Side Window Rear Guard
    Rear Cargo Barrier
    Rear Window Guard

    Customize Add-on Parts:
    Reverse Alarm
    Rear Fog Lamp
    Hook and Tie-Downs
    Drawer with Heavy Duty Sliders (Load Capacity 250kg)
    LED Lights
    Fire Extinguisher
    Document Holder